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Acquisitions, Expansions & Growth

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on July 25, 2017


InterQuip Partners in Rental Industry Progress

Change is unfolding in the equipment rental industry. Solid spending for several years by the commercial construction sector has resulted in a growth trend for the rental industry. Now, equipment rental companies have been making moves to keep pace with customer demand.

In the past few weeks alone, our newsfeeds have run rampant with acquisition announcements and reports coming from almost every major rental house.

Merger and acquisition announcements this summer:
Rebranding and growth success updates this summer:

Change in business, whether by rebranding, acquisition or rapid growth, can be an uncertain and even uncomfortable process for some. However, with diligent focus on the benefits of these changes (i.e., pooled resources, expanded knowledge and experience base, and collaboration opportunities), the end goal can be appreciated by all – an enhanced customer and employee experience.

It will be interesting to watch how the rental industry landscape will evolve in the coming months and years. For InterQuip’s part, we are America’s fastest growing portable conveyor distributor and proud to be the preferred source to a nationwide dealer network.

Unlike our LINKIT® portable conveyors, time only moves forward. For the better or worse, ready or not, are you prepared to embrace these industry changes or are you trying to press the “emergency stop” and “reverse” buttons?


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