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Conveyors: Portable or Modular for Your Job?

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on July 11, 2017
Portable and Modular Conveyors Work Together on Basement Excavation

Pictured in this basement excavation are the EASIKIT modular conveyor (center) and two LINKIT portable conveyors (center, right). The EASIKIT system was used to excavate material, the LINKITs to maneuver new material into place.

We’re in the equipment business. When we hear about a job, we instinctively see efficient solutions through our products. Working with conveyors every day, it’s no surprise that we’ve come to overlook other traditional methods of material management in the industry.

At our equipment show this month, we couldn’t believe some of the stories our visitors told:

  • landscaping with endless wheelbarrow loads of topsoil and mulch;
  • removing debris from crawlspaces and basement jobs by the 5-gallon bucketful;
  • tracking back and forth by skid steer for swimming pool excavations and removals;
  • using a pulley system (or worse, pitching waste) from upper-level interior renovations;
  • and the list goes on . . .

We watched the proverbial “lightbulbs going on” as our show visitors imagined conveyors at work on their jobs – without breaking their budgets or their backs! Maybe you’re looking to trade your wheelbarrows, buckets, and man-hours for conveyors, too. How do you know which type is right for your job?

The right conveyor can depend on your project timeline, the type and volume of material you are moving, the area or span that needs to be covered, and available power supply among other factors. Let InterQuip help take the guesswork out of choosing the right conveyor for rent or purchase. Call (203) 322-2600 or contact us today.

EASIKIT – Modular Conveyors
The “erector set” of conveyors, and we do all the designing for you! You tell us about the job and material you need to move, then we deliver your solution. EASIKIT is built to perform and is adaptable from one job to the next. Select from five widths (18” to 60”), three belt types (plain, chevron, or cleated), and add the length units required to move material across your span. Available to rent or buy from InterQuip.

LINKIT – Portable Conveyors
We call this our “plug-and-play” line. Available in 12” or 18” belt widths at 10, 14 or 18’ lengths, LINKITs can manage 60-90 TPH with two speeds and forward or reverse motion. They are ideal for confined spaces or limited access sites like basements, trenches, and backyards. Available to purchase from InterQuip or to rent through our nationwide dealer network.



Call our conveyor specialists today at (203) 322-2600, drop an email to or fill out the form below for more information.

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