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Equipment Dealers & LINKIT Conveyors

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on August 16, 2019

We know that LINKIT Conveyors are a smart investment for our dealer and rental partners. We also realize there are a lot of misconceptions out there about conveyors and their ROI. Here’s what some of our dealer partners used to say about conveyors and conveyor rental.

The LINKIT Difference

The Dealer Advantage

 “We rented the green conveyors before, and they were always giving us trouble.”  “Dirt equipment is one of our strengths, so we could probably rent these.”
Other conveyors can be bulky, unreliable and cumbersome to maintain. With its fully-integrated design and user-friendly features, LINKIT Conveyors are virtually hassle-free.

» For more information, see page 9 of the LINKIT Catalog.

If your customers are already coming to you for earth-moving and material-handling equipment, why not add conveyors to the mix? Contractors are always looking for more efficient methods, and you can become their one-stop-shop!



Related Equipment

 “Yeah, we get calls every once-in-awhile – I can think of a few applications.”  “Conveyors are specialized – we could use them with rock screeners.”
Wherever material is being moved, conveyors can help: utility work, confined spaces, loading, excavation, demolition, swimming pools, patios, turf maintenance, crop handling, recycling, and sorting.

» For more information, see page 2 of the LINKIT Cross-Rent Guide.

Conveyors pair well with ride-on loaders, skid steers, mini excavators, and other small equipment to move material efficiently from its original position to its intended destination.

» For more information, see page 16 of the LINKIT Catalog.


No Supply, No Demand

Demand without Supply

 “We don’t get calls for them because we don’t have them.”  “We get calls for them, but we just refer them to the other guys.”
Conveyors may not be something you’re asked for every day… but they can be! InterQuip invests in digital and promotional marketing wherever LINKIT Conveyors are sold and forwards these rental leads to its dealer partners. With potential ROI in under 6 months, unlimited applications and opportunities to cross-rent with complementary equipment, why lose any more revenue to the competition?

Earn 100% RETURN in as few as 4-6 months!

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