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EASIKIT Building Demolition Project

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on November 30, 2017
EASIKIT Modular Conveyor installation at building demolition project in Downtown Charleston, SC.


Following a long hard battle to gain approval for redevelopment, the 14-story historic Sgt. Jasper building in Downtown Charleston, South Carolina is slated to be demolished this year.

The local Demolition and Environmental Company, DECO, was contracted for the demolition phase of the project. After standing on the sidelines for 3 years of project debate, DECO’s project manager Jamie Flaugher was looking for a way to accelerate the project timeline – that’s when he found InterQuip.

Flaugher discussed the project in detail with InterQuip’s conveyor specialist, Jason Davies. After the call, Davies immediately got started drafting a material management solution for the project:

EASIKIT modular conveyors can be loaded with demolition material.One EASIKIT conveyor installed level can load a second at an incline to deposit debris into a dump truck.EASIKIT modular conveyors transport demolition materials from bucket to dump truck with ease.

DECO liked Davies’ proposal and engaged InterQuip to install two 29′ long EASKIT model EK600 modular conveyors.

Sgt. Jasper Building Demolition project in Charleston, SC.

 This 159′ tall building will be taken down in two stages. The top five floors will be demolished by hand to bring the building height down to a safe height that can be reached by a large excavator. The demolition material from the top five floors will be dropped down the elevator shaft to where an excavator will be loading it onto EASIKIT modular conveyors, provided by InterQuip. The conveyors will then take the material from the center of the building and dispose it directly into the back of a dump truck.

Without EASIKIT modular conveyors on this project, extensive time and labor would have been required to move tiny loads of demo material in wheelbarrows to a roll-off dumpster. An operation that would have required a 12-person team, can now be performed by 1 to 2 people at a time.

“We cannot wait to get this started,” said Flaugher. “This is seriously going to save the back-breaking labor.”

EASIKIT modular conveyors will be on-site for 4-5 months assisting DECO’s demolition crew.


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