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FREE Conveyor Giveaway! March Madness 2020

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on March 6, 2020

Other conveyors can be a pain. LINKIT Conveyors are hassle-free.

Are the conveyors you’ve used in the past bulky, unreliable and challenging to use? Did the belts fray, jam up or break down on the job? LINKIT Conveyors feature a fully-integrated design and are engineered to eliminate the problems you’ve experienced in the past with other conveyors.


LINKIT Features - inboard controls

Each LINKIT has individual controls set inside the machine – so no additional wiring or external control boxes are needed.

LINKIT Features - plug

Forget about using special plugs and multiple generators – instead daisy chain up to 4 LINKIT Conveyors to operate from one 20 AMP circuit.

LINKIT Features - forklift pockets

The pair of forklift pockets on LINKIT Conveyors are designed for ease of transport both on and off-site. LINKITs can be lifted individually or in stacks up to the forklift capacity.

LINKIT Features - scaffold holes

The pair of 2″ diameter scaffold holes can be used to secure LINKIT Conveyors into onsite scaffolding or used for tie-down points and stands.

LINKIT Features - chevron belt

Frayed two-piece belts are a thing of the past because LINKIT Conveyors feature a heavy-duty, 2-ply vulcanized rubber chevron belt.

LINKIT Features - stackable

LINKIT Conveyors feature tongue and groove sidewalls for safe and easy stacking, transporting and storage.


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With minimal power required, you can forget about using special plugs and multiple generators. Daisy chain up to 4 LINKIT Conveyors and operate from one 20 AMP circuit.

Scrap your old bulky conveyors. LINKIT Conveyors are easy to handle because they’re constructed of durable yet lightweight aluminum with grab handles and wheels.

With a fully-integrated design, you don’t have to assemble your conveyor just to use it. LINKIT Conveyors feature an internal motor, inboard controls, and attached retractable wheels.

Stop using conveyors that stop on you. With a working weight capacity between 330-440 lbs, LINKIT Conveyors won’t skip a beat when loaded with bulkier materials like concrete.

Ditch your slider bed conveyor, and opt for reliable operation. LINKIT Conveyors stay clean with their true trough open roller and internal belt scraper system.

Frayed two-piece belts are a thing of the past. LINKIT Conveyors feature a strong belt – heavy-duty, 2-ply vulcanized rubber chevron belt.