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“Land of Opportunity”

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on November 14, 2017
InterQuip Family Story Published in The Who's Who Fall 2017


As published in the Fall/Winter 2017 edition of “The Who’s Who in Building & Construction,” Connecticut & Western Massachusetts and Metro New York editions.

Karl Davies and his British family find success across the pond with InterQuip USA


It’s been said that effective business methods transcend borders and oceans, but Karl Davies isn’t entirely sure about that.

A Brit who moved to Connecticut in 2012 to run the conveyor system company, InterQuip USA LLC, Davies says that Americans’ relaxed way of doing business gives them a slight advantage over their U.K. counterparts.

“In England, there are so many people in such a small, compact country that everybody’s trying to fight each other to make a living, and the blood pressure goes up a bit,” says Davies. “An English businessman can come across as very cut and dried, but Americans succeed with a very relaxed attitude. They’re a lot friendlier and better at building up your confidence.”

Not that Davies needs a confidence boost. As owner of the thriving InterQuip, he’s carrying on a successful family legacy that dates back to the early 1900s in Bristol, England, where his grandfather and his father worked in construction . . .

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