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LINKIT Roofing Conveyors – Efficient Value at Overstock Prices (Only While Supplies Last!)

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on January 4, 2019
LINKIT Roofing Conveyors

Do you use platforms, pulleys or other manual methods to get shingles, fabric, tools, bricks, and material to your rooftop projects? Roofing conveyors accelerate the loading process making it quick, easy and safe. The LINKIT roofing conveyor is simple to use – unload it from your truck, plug it in, and you’re able to move material to elevated heights within minutes.

LINKIT roofing conveyors also have powered reverse – bringing down valuable salvage is just as safe and efficient as placing new material. With their unique folding design, these roofing conveyors will fit perfectly onto the back of a pickup truck.

Hoisting buckets are also available to help you move tools and hardware up and down from your rooftop projects.

Need to lift wide, long or unwieldy material like planks or boards? Set up a pair of LINKIT roofing conveyors to synchronize the load.

Proven performance and reliability coupled with lightweight rigid design make the LINKIT roofing conveyor a must-have for every roofer and builder. Double your performance with half the effort.

LKB26 26′ L x 8″ W 230 lbs (max to 23’ level)
LKB32 32′ L x 8″ W 263 lbs (max to 29 ½’ level)Roofing Conveyor Features:
0.75kW Electric Motor
Robust Aluminum Construction
Forward & Reverse Direction

Hoisting / Mortar Bucket

LINKIT Roofing Conveyor



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LINKIT roofing conveyors carry material to elevated work surfaces Loading LINKIT Roofing Conveyors is safe and easy LINKIT roofing conveyors get material safely where it's needed