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Safety & Efficiency: A Big Deal for Tiny’s Construction

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on September 22, 2017
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Tiny’s Construction, a demolition and recycling contractor in Nashville, Tennessee, knows a thing or two about efficiency.

They’ve found LINKIT Portable Conveyors to be a key component in the safety of their workforce and timely project completion.

“The conveyors save us a lot of time and manpower,” says project manager John Ramsay. “As you can see, debris goes directly from the bucket of the excavator into the dumpster. That is no small thing.”

Whether the job requires them to dig out the bottom of a building or to remove debris from the top, Tiny’s relies on conveyors for a safe and speedy assist to its workforce.

“It’s one thing to move trash across a level surface,” says Ramsay, “but with these conveyors, trash reaches the dumpster avoiding tripping hazards along the way.”



Simple. Safe. Smart.

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