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Portable Conveyors Boost Safety & Productivity for Utility Contractors

Written by InterQuip USA LLC on October 25, 2017
linkit conveyors for utility contractors


What do you do when a barge misses the storage tank and spills 3,000 gallons of fuel on site?

You’re left with a massive environmental clean-up project to remediate 450 yards of sand and topsoil on top of a semi-inground fuel storage tank.

We know what you’re picturing: two-weeks, dozens upon dozens of laborers, stockpiles of sand and topsoil, shovels and pails, ladders, and a 21st-century “bucket brigade” placing clean fill.

InterQuip helped to complete this two-week job inside of 3 days.

InterQuip’s All Terrain Slinger was stationed in the driveway. The clean fill was loaded directly into its steel hopper 7 cubic yards at a time to be dispensed to the rooftop. With the limited weight capacity of the roof, LINKIT Conveyors were an ideal equipment choice for their light weight and portability. The conveyors teamed together to move sand across the surface of the roof and in and around the array of pipework and venting systems. The duo of All Terrain Slinger and LINKIT Conveyors not only saved countless man-hours, but they also reduced tripping hazards that would have been a bigger concern with manual methods.

LINKIT Portable Conveyors aren’t just for placing sand and soil over rooftop utilities. They’re also top performers for underground utilities and trench work.



LINKIT Conveyors are our portable “plug-and-play” material management solution. Whether you’re moving soil, aggregate, brick, mortar or any other material, LINKIT portable conveyors are guaranteed to help you get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. LINKITs can manage 60-90 TPH with two speeds and forward or reverse motion. Use LINKITs for confined spaces or limited access sites like basements, trenches, and backyards. Available to purchase from InterQuip or to rent through our nationwide dealer network.


» Robust Aluminum Construction
» 3-Phase Internal Direct Drive Motor
» High-Performance 110v Inverter
» Interlink 4 Units Per Power Source
» Forward / Reverse Direction
» Variable Speed
» Heavy Duty Chevron Vulcanized Rubber Belt
» True Roller Trough
» Forklift Pockets
» Scaffold Holes
» Folding Wheel Frame
» Detachable Hopper
» Optional Bulk Hopper
» Optional Side Extensions
» Trestle

12″ Wide Belt, 330 lb. Capacity

» LKS300-3.2 (10′ Belt Length, 228 lbs)
» LKS300-4.4 (14′ Belt Length, 278 lbs)
» LKS300-5.5 (18′ Belt Length, 309 lbs)

18″ Wide Belt, 440 lb. Capacity

» LKS450-3.2 (10′ Belt Length, 256 lbs)
» LKS450-4.4 (14′ Belt Length, 353 lbs)
» LKS450-5.5 (18′ Belt Length, 397 lbs)


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